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I Gave You a UTI (feat. Santino Fontana)

Disclaimer I Gave You a UTI (feat. Santino Fontana) was uploaded on youtube by racheldoesstuff. The links are only available for download from Bamsforum.Com/Movies, We Are Not Responsible For Any Copyright Issues. (Click Here For DMCA Info)
Title:I Gave You a UTI (feat. Santino Fontana)
Duration:02:16 Min
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Video ID:W_pi8yBaooQ
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BUY ON ITUNES: "I Gave You a UTI" Rebecca: What are you doing? Why Are you clapping? What's Happening? Really, what's Happening? Greg: Whats that burning feelin' Every time you pee? Well That's how it goes, after you Have so much awesome Sex with me. I gave you a UTI! Yeah I gave You a UTI! My sweet love Injection caused a urinary Tract infection! I'm just that Good! I didn't even try, try, try! I gave you a UTI... Rebecca: Its not a really a comment on the Quality of sex, so much as a Statement that a lot of sex has Been occurring and there's been A natural transfer of bacteria -- Greg: (spoken) Don't ruin this for me. That bladder inflammation Is my little gift to you. Yeah, Sometimes chicks need Medication after what I put them Through. C'mon, sing with me! Rebecca: I'm not going to do that. Greg: Fine I gave you (I gave you) a UTI (a UTI). Yeah I gave you A UTI (a UTI). I'm so good at Sex you maiden ship got wrecked. My penis is the Reason you may die, die, die. Rebecca: Awww that's so sweet... Greg: I gave you a UTI! One night With me is pure ecstasy. 'Cause I know just what you Like. But you should know for A week or so you won't be able To ride a bike. (spoken) Sorry if you have to cancel that Spin class. I'll pay the cancellation Fee because I know a lot of times You have to book the specific Bike in advance. Anyway -- I gave you (I gave you) a UTI (UTI). Not an STD (No STDs). Just to Clarify! If it hurts to take a leak That's just part of my technique What has two thumbs and gave You and UTI - This guy! I gave you a U-T-I. I gave you a U-T-I. Gave you a U-T-IIIIIIIIIIIII.
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